PLAY FOR FREE in the most immersive modern war strategy game!

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PLAY FOR FREE in the most immersive action game of modern war!

Command 1624 types of troops with 46 lethal tiers, and use tanks, helicopters, and modern military units to blitz your enemies

  • Build & customize an elite military base for defensive strength or offensive might
  • Upgrade buildings & walls to defend your perimeter
  • Join an Alliance of players, and Clash with rivals to alliances & rule the world in the #1 modern war themed MMO
  • Train, level up, and supply your Commander with superior firepower
  • Claim the title of Head of State to grant protections to your Allies, and obstacles to your enemies!
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  • 5/5 "This game will keep you up at night with all kinds of fun and excitement."
  • 5/5 "It's a game requiring strategy, patience and teamwork to advance in. Very good for teaching patience, teamwork in real life, while exercising the brain cells."
  • 5/5 "An exceptional game not for the faint of heart or weak-willed. You have to think on your feet and be prepared to STRIKE at any time against your enemies…"
  • 5/5 "This game will not rule your early morning hours and late nights, if you let it… Lots of fun, and many opportunities to work with others toward the greater good for you alliance."
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